Friday, January 15, 2010

Sunshine Break

We woke to the comforting sounds of rain on our roof. We don't get a lot of rain here, so it was nice and cozy. Throughout the morning the clouds dissipated and the sun shone bright and cheery. We quickly pulled on socks, shoes and jackets to head outside for the first time in way too long.

The snow from over a month ago had finally melted away. Our new walker was utterly delighted to explore on her own two feet.

A puddle perfect for jumping into, riding through, and splashing rocks was filled with the sky and the sun.

It was a beautiful break in the middle of winter.


Jessica said...

Seeing no snow in your yard makes me smile!

Anne Marie said...

there is nothing better than sunshine in the winter!

Kelley said...

So much fun to get outside and feel the sunshine. P.S. Cooper was concerned to see Sophie in the road - I explained you were right by her side. Then he asked me to tell you to come back to our house.
Miss you!

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