Thursday, July 3, 2008


We had a great time in Nevada, but it is always good to be home. We drove all night Monday and arrived at 8am Tuesday morning. It was already 80 degrees, and our house was a disaster since we took off the day after the baby's birthday party, but it was still wonderful. So I've been trying to unpack, put the house back in order, survive the heat (no A/C), as well as all the regular day to day duties of a wife and mother. Yesterday we took a break from all this and headed up to my grandma's lake cabin. It was great, if a little chaotic. It sure is a different experience now that I'm a mother. It's a lot more work, for one. And constant vigilance with a one-year-old in tow. It was still fun, though. Picture one grandma, one great-grandma, three mommies, one aunt, one dad, and thirteen children ranging from one to seventeen. Oh, don't forget the PILES of gear. Wow. The beach was so full of beach bags, life jackets, floaties, sunscreen, towels, and more, that there wasn't a lot of room left for relaxing. But everyone had a good time, and Grandma Jo was loving having the cabin full and cooking her chili and cornbread for all of us.

Now I just need to get the house back in order and be ready to enjoy the Fourth. We will probably spend the day at my mom's lake place, and then come home to watch the city
fireworks display from the comfort of our own backyard. We have front row seats.

Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

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