Monday, July 7, 2008

Lots of News

First of all, we are having a girl!! So excited. Sofia...something. We haven't decided on a middle name. Either Ann, Elizabeth, or Lynn. My mother-in-law's middle name, my mother's middle name, or my middle name. Hmmm....It's a hard one.

In other news...we are moving to Nevada. My husband's sister offered him a job in their family business. It's a huge move. All of my family is around me here, but I do think it's the right decision. We have a million things to do as we want to be moved by the time school starts at the end of August. So, I'd better get busy working on some of those now. I'll leave you with a picture of my new back yard. One of the big selling points for me.

Yes, that's a deer. No, we won't be living in the woods. It's the middle of town. But it feels like the country with our yard full of cottonwood, cherry, and apple trees. And the deer.

Anyway, back to the million things...


Sally said...

Wow Jen! What great news!!! Congratulations. :) Nevada... wow!!!

April said...

Wow, Jen! What big news! And CONGRATS on that baby girl! Sofia is such a beautiful name.

Jessica said...

Congrats on news! A girl-how exciting! And a will certainly have a busy upcoming few months!

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