Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Something has been noshing on my baby broccoli and lettuce! I've also noticed that some marigold petals and a few nasturtium leaves have been nibbled.

What could be wrecking havoc in my little garden?

It's completely fenced in--so it can't be rabbits.

There are lots of birds in and out...quail, doves and others, but birds don't eat plants, do they?

Could it be some kind of bug? I've seen little black ants and those "roly-polies" as my kids call them. (I don't know what they really are called, but they roll up into a ball when touched.)

Oh, and so far, it's just one brick raised bed that's been affected. My herbs, tomatoes, and other marigolds are in different beds and are fine.

Any gardeners out there? Can you help? What should I do?


Anne Marie said...

Hey Jen...I'm so glad I stopped by so I can help....

you definitely have some sort of bug - or mice - that are enjoying your new plants....

purchase or use some organic pesticide, follow the directions carefully, and then get some garden netting - the most lightweight kind you can find - and cover your plants for 2 weeks, and see if that prevents any more damage.

Jen said...

Thanks, Anne Marie!

I'll try that!

Sally said...

Jen -
I had a friend post this on my face book:
"Hey, just to let you know - if you have trouble with ants in your garden, just sprinkle cornmeal on the soil around the plants or where you see the ants. They love cornmeal and they'll gorge themselves on it and take it down to their homes and their queen and then the cornmeal will swell up in their tummies and they'll explode. Just read about it today and tried it. So far the ants are going ga-ga over the cornmeal but I'll keep an eye on them for the next few days and see if they start disappearing! They've been eating my strawberries! Nothing more disappointing than picking a beautiful ripe strawberry and seeing that it has 5 holes bit out of it from ants!"

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