Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Yesterday and Today



Late winter/early spring is always such a finicky time of year. Makes life interesting, I guess.
Oh, I have to express a little joy today. I feel very blessed lately. Last week I won Jessica's giveaway--a cheery bag that she sewed herself; and today I found out that I won Andrea's giveaway--a beautiful scarf that she knit!!! How cool is that! And so funny that I found Andrea's blog (and giveaway) because she found my blog after I won Jessica's giveaway! Uhh...does that make any sense? Well, very neat, no matter what.
Maybe I should get a babysitter and hit one of the casinos in town....
Ha! Just kidding...
Come back tomorrow for my 1 Year Blogaversary!! I'm cooking up some sort of's only fitting, I think.


Sarah said...

How fun that you won two giveaways. YEAH for you!!!! We have some flowers just starting to bloom. Isn't it amazing how spring is such a happy time. It brightens my mood so much.

Jessica said...

I think you should hit the casino! My morning looked a lot like yours today...but my crocuses don't look nearly as far along!

Janine said...

Very cool! I didn't even thing about doing a give away for my one year anniversary! I guess I will have to do it when I hit two years. You are lucky.. you should go spin the slots for a bit!

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