Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh, Spring!

It's so close, I can almost taste it. Or should I say smell it...lilacs, freshly cut grass, warm soil...

I love spring. All the other seasons are nice, and I appreciate certain aspects of each, but spring!

Maybe because it comes after such dark, cold, colorless days. I crave sunshine. And I love being outside.


My girls and I have been perusing gardening books, catalogs, and magazines since January. We have big dreams of colorful flowers, sweet berries and yummy veggies. Well, I dream of yummy veggies, my girls not so much. But I am hoping to tempt them with some fun miniature carrots, squash, and eggplants...we'll see. I'm excited for them to experience the law of sowing and reaping; to be able to see first hand how hard work leads to bountiful harvest. As well, we will be spending quality time together as we tend, sow, weed, feed, and relish our garden.

Spring=open air

As well as gardening, spring means more time outdoors for

taking walks, playing tag, riding bikes

picnics, cartwheels, cloud watching

Last spring I couldn't attempt cartwheels; I was in my third trimester. My girls spent hours perfecting their cartwheels and I was itching to do some myself. It's probably a good thing I restrained myself...(smile). This year--watch out girls, mommy is going give you a run for your money!

Spring=new life

Spring hold so many promises, new beginnings. The perfect time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. We spend so much time and energy on Christmas, and then Easter slides by without much thought. I want to change this in my household; put more emphasis on why we celebrate. Some of my ideas so far:

*Read One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham to my girls. This beautiful story starts with Adam and Eve to explain why Jesus was born in the first place. It is more of a Christmas story, but it ends with the reason Jesus was born, with the cross and the resurrection.

*Create an Easter Tree. Using cut branches for the tree, blown out and painted eggs, and homemade ornaments that correspond to the Easter story. So far I've thought of a lamb, nails, a cross for ornaments. Of course the girls will help with this.

Well, enough daydreaming for now. My spring fever has me antsy to clean out a corner or a cupboard or two during my son's nap time!

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