Thursday, March 20, 2008


Happy first day of Spring! Here is what we woke up to:

A nice little dusting of snow. Spring for us up here is like this. We really can't start planting for a while yet. We will have lots of nice sunny days, but the nights get very cold. Still, it's much better than January:

No, that tree is not in bloom. It's snow. Yes, we experienced a January miracle: our maple tree blossomed with snow. Beautiful isn't it?

Anyway, we had quite a bit of snow that month. A storm every weekend. Then the last week the schools were closed for the whole week! School almost never closes for snow up here. For the 12 years I taught school, we had maybe 4 snow days. Three of them during an ice storm, so they were because of power outages, not snow. So, the first year I'm not teaching, a whole week off!! No fair.

Ok, enough about snow!! Come on Spring! I'm so ready for you.

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