Friday, August 29, 2008

An Award!

Thank you Sunshine Mom! Wow! This is my very first blog award. How fun! I'm supposed to pass it on to seven blogs that I love. It is hard to choose which ones, but here goes:
*For beautiful photos and homemaking inspiration, I love My Messy, Thrilling, Life; Pleasantview Schoolhouse; and Turkey Cookies.
*For spiritual and mothering inspiration I love Holy Experience and The Flourishing Mother.
*For lots of giggles I love reading Boo Mama.
*And for creative family ideas I love SouleMama.
These are blogs that I have been reading for a while now. I'm always finding new ones to enjoy though, too.
I have three more that I check everyday, my cousin Sarah's blog, and my good friends' Sally and Kim. I love being able to keep in touch with them through our blogs!


Jessica said...

Oh boy! You make me giddy! I'm glad I stopped to blog between reading journal articles ... the brain can only take so much! Thank you so very much! Have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Hi Jen,
I'm a speech therapist at an inner-city school. I work with preschoolers through 6th graders and spend a whole lot of my time in first grade. I love it so much, especially since I get to work with lots of teachers and see all different aged kiddos. What did you teach?

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