Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Nice Day

I had a nice day today. Let me list for you just what made it so nice:

My son's sweet and silly smiles as he ate his breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
(I'm not sure why he was so happy at meal times today!)

Scrubbing the kitchen counters and sink with warm, soapy, water infused with lavender oil. (The lavender actually makes this chore fun, and my kitchen still smells like lavender.)

Homemade pumpkin bread and muffins. To snack on all day.

Picking up two cheerful girls from school.
(I am so glad they like it.)

Fried potatoes and chicken-apple-gouda sausage for dinner.
(Love this sausage, thanks, Sarah!)

Playing outside in the evening sun.
(Isn't it gorgeous?)


Jessica said...

That is a great day! I second playing outside in the evening sun-which is the great thing about August!

Sally said...

It looks so pretty there! Aren't happy kids the best? :)

Chrysanthemama said...

What a great day! The sausage sounds delicious! I think I tried something like that at an apple fest in Wisconsin once.


I want you to know that I love your blog and I have passed on an award.

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