Monday, May 12, 2008

Back to Normal

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. We had a nice quiet day, since I was exhausted after my daughter's slumber party on Friday and birthday party on Saturday. How did I get roped into allowing TWO parties? I was 8 months pregnant last year and did the same thing. This year I am 11 weeks pregnant with hypothyroidism (is that a word?). I was so tired on Saturday evening that I just burst out crying. Not as bad as last year when (on Mother's Day no less) I got so upset that I sent my girls to bed without bedtime songs (which we sing EVERY night, except that one), and proceeded to scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees. At eight weeks pregnant, crying all the while. My poor, sweet husband, between checking on the girls, got down and helped me scrub!

Well. This year wasn't so dramatic. I was really tired, though. I told my daughter that she will have to pick one party from now on. I'm tired of being tired and cranky on Mother's Day. At least next year I won't be pregnant. Well, I think I won't be! At the rate I'm going...

We did have a good day, anyway. My husband puttered around the house all day doing laundry, dishes (3 or 4 loads), vacuuming under beds!!! and all sorts of odds and ends. It was so sweet. Then we went to dinner. No kitchen floor scrubbing this year.

No matter how quiet or dramatic, I'm so thankful to be celebrating Mother's Day. Only a few years ago, I felt forlorn and sad, longing for my own sweet babies, longing to be a mommy. The Lord has certainly taken care of that desire of my heart!


Sarah Foster said...

I am tired just by looking at all you did for T b-day. You are such a good mom.

Sally said...

Happy late Mother's Day Jen!

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