Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Little Garden

Ok, I've been so bad at posting. But I've been waiting to get my USB cord from my husband's office, so that I can post a bunch of photos. Don't know why it took like a week to finally communicate the fact that I NEED MY USB CORD, BUT YOUR OFFICE IS LOCKED. I guess I wouldn't really remember until he had left for work. But, now, I am ready.

We had great weather last weekend...Oh, my gosh, I think I just felt the baby! For the first time! Wait a moment while I hold still and see if I feel anything else...Hmmmm, I don't know, I'm only 13 and a half weeks...was that the baby or gas? I'm gonna say it was the baby. How cool! I love being able to feel the baby. It's so reassuring and special. Anyway, back to my post...

My little garden has gotten off to a good start. Here is a list of what is growing on my back deck:

from seed:

green beans
sugar snap peas
little finger carrots
sweet bell peppers

from seedlings, my little herb garden:

lemon basil

still to plant:

broccoli raab
(I'm not sure where these will end up, I'm out of pots and soil, unless I break down and buy more.)

I also bought a few pony packs of these pansies and cosmos.

I have sweet pea and nasturtium seeds to plant as well. I'm trying to be very frugal with this gardening stuff. I would go hog wild buying plants if I could. But it is kinda fun to -ok, definitely feeling the baby now, more than one movement, and it feels just like my son did. Yeah!, but no one is home to tell!!! Baby boy is napping, and he wouldn't get it anyway. I'm gonna have to call my sister when I'm done here.

More photos:

Our view. I love watching it get greener and greener. It changes so much with the light. At sunset, the city looks so much closer. Here is a rather grey day:

And here is today, much brighter:

Hmmm, so bright, you can't see the green very well. Bummer.

Last week the girls did school outside:

They had a lovely snack of strawberries,

Well, the little man has woken up, time to go and play...

Have a great day everyone!


Sally said...

Yay for baby kicks and garden planting! So happy for you Jen!

Lynda said...

Jen, you've been so busy ! Your container gardening is very impressive, you are going to have some lovely things to eat & cook with soon .... How fantastic that you felt your baby move for the first time. I think as a Mum, you just know when it's your baby and not wind or anything. That's wonderful !

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