Thursday, May 8, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

This is going to be a big fat busy weekend. My oldest daughter turns 10 on Sunday. Ten! She is almost as tall as me, now (not that I'm all that tall at a mere five-one, but still). She was such a tiny little sprite when she came to me at 6. Well, ever since the first birthday party I gave her (when I thought it was the only one I would have with her) the parties have been kinda big. Some how we were talked into having a slumber party and a separate birthday party, every year.
So, Friday is the slumber party, at which the girls will pretty much have to entertain themselves. Not that they want me interfering anyway. My girl is great at keeping her friends having fun.
Then, after a late night of ten year-old antics, the girls have to get up and go to a parade that my daughter is in. Thankfully my good friend volunteered to take them, while I stay home a prepare for party number two. This year's theme is Secret Agents, complete with training exercises and a crime to solve that takes them around the world. Well, hopefully it takes them around the world. I have yet to plan those specific details. The agents will have to decipher codes, solve riddles, and collect evidence to capture the Mr. Bad Guy. I think it will be great, I just have to sit down and actually write out the mystery and clues and what not. No worries. I work better under pressure. Last year, we did a treasure hunt that I came up with the morning of the party. Yep, procrastination fires up my creativity.
Then, of course Sunday is Mother's Day, and the actual birthday date. She is so excited that her birthday is on Mother's Day this year. For some reason, she thinks that is so cool. It's sweet really. Maybe this means she won't try to make be breakfast in bed. The thought is sweet, and she is getting much better at cooking. She can finally make more than toast. But, it's really hard for me to lay in bed, waiting, when everyone else needs me. Maybe we will go out to breakfast this year.
Better be off...I have groceries to get, a family to feed...a crime to plan. A mother's to-do list never ends.

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Lynda said...

The birthday party sounded like a lot of fun, Jen ... hope that you also had a wonderful Mother's Day !

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