Friday, May 2, 2008

Finally (sigh)

From February to May.

What a difference. I love watching spring gently unfold. Sometimes I wish it would just burst forth, but I appreciate it more when it happens slowly. Spring is so much sweeter after a hard, dark winter, too. I've lived in places where the seasons are less defined--Oregon, and even more so, Hawaii. And springtime wasn't such a wonderful, delightful event. It was just more of the same--green and rainy in Oregon, and green and warm in Hawaii. Here, though, especially after our extra long winter, with so much snow, spring really is a reawakening, a rebirth, joy after mourning. It makes me wonder if people who suffer more in life can also experience more joy. I don't believe that God causes suffering, but did He make it work this way, knowing we would suffer? Isn't there a Chinese proverb about the larger the jar of suffering, the more joy it can hold? I'll have to try and look that up. Anyway, spring is finally here in my corner of the world, and it could not be more welcome. I think we will be spending as much time as possible outside today, basking in sunshine and drinking in the green beauty around us.

One more photo: I just love the delicate green laceyness of the leaves and buds that trees are clothed with in early spring. (Now I sound like Anne Shirley!)

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