Saturday, September 13, 2008

Autumn Delights Day Two

Autumn Delights: From the Kitchen-

-the joy of cooking comes back with cooler weather

-soups and stews simmering along all day, filling the house with warmth and comfort

-baking, baking, baking

-pumpkin bread and muffins

-pumpkin pie

-pumpkin bread pudding

-apple pies

For tomorrow: creating a cozy fall kitchen


Sarah said...

do you have a good pumpkin bread recipe?

Jen said...

Yes, I have a yummy, fairly healthy one. I'll have to post it soon. My kids really love it too.

Jessica said...

I am all about pumpkin and apple baked goods! If only I had pumpkin on hand I would have made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies this weekend!

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