Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Nursery

So I found my 14 month old son playing in his room this morning-all by himself. It was great. He must have been occupied for a good 15 minutes or so. I snuck in to snap some pics:

Then I decided to get a few photos depicting the paint color I picked out. This will be the baby girl's room, too, so I decided on this blue/green called 'vintage map' by Martha Stewart. This blanket gave me the idea--see the polka dots?

I think it is perfect for a boy and girl's room. Not too boyish or too girly. Here is the top of baby girl's dresser:

And here are some of little man's things. The paint looks a lot darker in this photo:

I am really happy with the paint. We almost didn't take the time to paint the kid's rooms right away, but my prego hormones took over and my mom and husband had to comply. They did a great job!

I'll post pics of the big girls' room soon. It's, uh, a little bit of a disaster at the moment.

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Beth Hatcher said...

Hailey and I just scrolled through your post. How fun to see the rooms fixed up (with girly stuff especially!) Hope you're hanging in there 'till Jeff returns. Glad you're going to church :o) I'm a great one to talk, huh? Kel left me a message to start talking about our trip down to see you in Novemaber- I can't wait!!!

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