Friday, September 19, 2008

Autumn Delights Days Seven and Eight

*above image from Better Homes and Gardens

Autumn Delights: Decorating

There is so much of nature's bounty to use inside and outside your home!

-Gorgeous gourds-check out this slideshow at Better Homes and Gardens

-Pretty pumpkins-stacked, scattered, carved and center-pieced

-Lovely leaves-layer in baskets, hang from string for a window mobile, clip into a garland, work into wreaths

-Natural nuts-pile deep brown chestnuts and sweet little acorns into pretty bowls, jars or baskets

-Fabulous Fruit-fill pretty mixing bowl or baskets with colorful apples or pears

Our first Autumn Harvest-soon to be applesauce and pie!

But first, we'll enjoy their beauty for a day or two.

For more great fall decorating ideas check out the Better Homes and Gardens website.

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