Friday, September 12, 2008

Autumn Delights

Only ten more days until the First Day Of Autumn. (In all caps, because, like in Winnie the Pooh stories, I want to emphasize Something Important.) Over the past few years, Fall has become my favorite season. It wasn't as a child. Back to school time probably ruined it for me. And those grey, wet days that are inevitable. But now, I can appreciate so many great things about this season.
Mmmm, the colors, for one thing.

So, I think a list is in order here. A list of Autumn Delights. The things that make this season so, well, delightful. I think what I should do, though, is break my list up into sections, and each day leading up to The First Day of Autumn, I'll post a section of the list.

So for today, I'll start my list with-

Autumn Delights: Sights and Smells

-bright, colorful leaves against deep blue skies

-blushing apples

-ripe pumpkins

-drying, crunching leaves

-smoky air on a cool, crisp morning

-warm, comforting smells drifting from the kitchen (which leads to tomorrows list...)

Happy Autumn dreaming everyone!


Sarah said...

I love the photos of your trees. The colors are beautiful. We are just starting to see the leaves change color. I too love fall, but not the rain.

Jessica said...

Oh how I love Autumn!!! I really enjoyed your list...I have most of those on my list of things I love in Autumn as well!

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